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There are two great ways you can support chamber music in Cleveland. One is by becoming a member of The Cleveland Chamber Music Society. You can support the society at any level that fits your budget.

You also support the Cleveland Chamber Music Society when you purchase season tickets – tickets for all seven concerts that are specially priced for extra savings.

Tickets for individual concerts are also available in advance.

You may also fill out and mail a printable order form to become a member of the Cleveland Chamber Music Society, order season tickets or purchase individual concert tickets.

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Membership Options

As a member of the Cleveland Chamber Music Society, you will know that you are helping the society maintain its high level of commitment and support to chamber music in Greater Cleveland. Members may also exchange concert tickets of the same value, which may be convenient should you want to introduce your friends to chamber music on a special night. For amounts other than those listed, please call Sharon Muskin at (216) 291-2777.