Cleveland Chamber Music Society conducts a variety of outreach projects to develop the appreciation of music, and to share the excitement of chamber music with the Cleveland and nearby communities.



Since 2007, the Cleveland Chamber Music Society has sponsored a music program to introduce chamber music to Cleveland area public schools.

In support of its mission to promote chamber music, CCMS developed an School Outreach Program directed by Annie Fullard of the Cavani Quartet. With funds provided by the Society, the program was created with the following goals:

● Provide high quality live chamber music performances to local school districts, creating an educational and artistically enriching experience for Cleveland and suburban schoolchildren. Over 14,000 grade school children have been exposed to the power of classical music through this program.

● Stimulate children’s interest in the world of chamber music, and demonstrate the fun of learning an instrument.

● Enhance the professional training of a student ensemble by hiring them to create and perform a program designed for school children, including a wide variety of repertoire and interaction with the audience. This is also an opportunity for student ensembles to perform in a far different venue than the concert hall and encourages their development as young artists and communicators.

● Meet the mission of the Cleveland Chamber Music Society – a commitment to share one of the most dynamic and moving of all the art forms, chamber music, with audiences of all ages.

Children see how musicians work together in a respectful and communicative environment. The programs are energetic and interactive, designed to introduce the instruments and the performers through concepts of teamwork and creative listening.

Concerts introducing music from the standard chamber music repertoire take place in Cleveland, East Cleveland, Shaker Heights, and Cleveland Heights, and other area schools, and are always well received by students, teachers, and administrators. Students are given a brief history and introduction to major composers including Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Debussy, and Bartok. Evaluation forms from students and teachers following concerts are extremely positive and express the students' enthusiasm for these types of programs, the music they are introduced to, and their eagerness to take up an instrument if given the opportunity.

CCMS identified a hunger in the schools for fine music and the Society is doing what it can to make up for the lack of arts education in the public school system.

If your school would like to become part of this exceptional program, please contact our office at 216.291.2777 or email us at info@clevelandchambermusic.org.


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